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  1. Ward CNC Demonstrate 12 high performance Machining Centres, Lathes and Column Machines at Mach 2010

    RT @MTDonline: Ward CNC display 12 high performance machine tool models at Mach 2010 read more (@EASIserv)

    [ed note: “As the exclusive UK distributor for Hankook horizontal and vertical lathes, Hartford (double-column and open fronted machining centres), Hyundai-Kia turning and machining centres, Soraluce (traveling column/table milling centres) and Union (horizontal boring and milling machines), Ward CNC’s comprehensive stock of machines will be represented at MACH”]

  2. What are the differences between CAD and CAM?

    RT @CADInfoZone: Post: What are the differences between CAD and CAM? (@logiseek)

    [ed note: “CAD was originally the three letter acronym for “Computer Aided drafting” as in the early days CAD was really a replacement for the tradition drafting board. But now is the term is often interchanged with “Computer Aided Design” to reflect the fact that modern CAD tools do much . . “]

  3. Flexibility through Configurability

    RT @AmericanMachnst: Flexibility through Configurability #cnc #machining #manufacturing (@ThePendoGroup)

    [ed note: “Romi Machine Tools Ltd. is introducing a new CNC lathe, the C620, to achieve maximum flexibility thanks to its configurability, according to customers’ needs.”]

  4. Rube Goldberg Machine Video – Chaos in the Print Shop | One Man’s Blog

    RT @johnpoz: Rube Goldberg Machine Video – Chaos in the Print Shop (@omdedi)

    [ed note: A FUN video showing a Rube Goldberg created to promote a racking system.]

  5. 3D Printing Your Party Shoes: Hit or Miss? : TreeHugger

    RT @EcoPulse 3D Printing Your Party Shoes: Hit or Miss?: Need a jazzy pair of #shoes? #CNC #Machining #Design #Fashion (@brukins)

    [ed note: Using a 3D printer to make shoes.]

  6. CNC Mill – 1st Shift/Wknd Shift Jobs in Maple Grove, Minnesota

    #Aerotek cnc mill – 1st shift/wknd shift – Aerotek Commercial Staffing – Maple Grove: (@AerotekManufact)

    [ed note: “CNC Machinist/Programmer – CNC vertical Mills, Generate G-Code programs and operate vertical CNC Machines, reading Blueprints, GD&T experience, Must do layout, set up, operate and make adjustments, Work from prints, process sheets and sketches, Extremely tight tolerances”]

  7. The Leading Worldwide Metalworking Industry Marketplace

    USED Lathes, CNC FEMCO HL-25 – CNC Machine Sales #machinetools (@Machinetools)

    [ed note: Click on the link for specs, photos and video.]

  8. My hand made Proxxon MF70 CNC mill convertion 1 | CNC Information | CNC Videos

    Post: My hand made Proxxon MF70 CNC mill convertion 1 (@CNCInformation)

    [ed note: Video of DIY CNC mill.]

  9. CNC Machine Setup and Operation

    CNC Machine Setup and Operation (@pantherart)

    [ed note: “Computer Numerical Control Machines are sophisticated instruments that only trained CNC operators should operate them. There are certain rules and guidelines to consider if you are planning to use a CNC machine by yourself.”]

  10. Make: Online : Amusing warning sign for CNC tools

    (cnc) route it – – grr angry machine. (@hikyra)

    [ed note: Danger warning sign for a cutting tool (humor).]

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